The Art House Gilbert

String Board Workshop - Thursday, September 20th - 6:30-8:30PM

Regular price $35.00
Please join us for a unique art experience. We will be creating our own wood board string piece for your home decor. 
We will create our project from start to finish. There are 3 designs and 3 stain colors to choose from. This will start with the wood pre-stained  to save on time. In class we will stencil, create the image, nail and string our pieces together.  
Please choose your stain, 1, 2, or 3, and your style, A, B or C, from the pictures provided. Paint color and stencil will be chosen at the event. Wood, string, nails, hammer and other items required will be provided. Also note; string colors are subject to change/vary depending on availability. 
Dimensions: 6" x 12"
                      8" x 8"
*Art Points & Giftcards are not eligible for this workshop.

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